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It is more urgent than ever for scientists, policymakers, and community leaders to work together to address today's most pressing global challenges. From hunger and poverty to conflict, COVID-19, and the ongoing climate crisis, these challenges transcend single actors, sectors and disciplines. That’s why AIRID brings together experts from across the university and around the world to help achieve a more resilient future.

Based at the University of Arizona, AIRID harnesses the far-reaching resources of one of the nation’s top 20 research institutions with expertise in areas ranging from public health to agriculture and food security, climate-adaptation, water security, governance, and the arid lands. 

As the state’s designated land-grant university, we are driven to make a real-world impact. In countries and communities across the globe, we work with communities, partners, and governments to conduct research and identify and implement resilient solutions to their development challenges. This includes our strategic partnership with TANGO International, a globally recognized thought and practice leader on resilience related research in the field of international development.

What AIRID Does

  • Provides thought leadership for discovering innovative solutions to grand challenges
  • Serves as a conduit connecting university researchers to communities and partners in the global south and the broader international development community
  • Convenes networks of experts from different institutions and disciplines to solve resilience-related international development challenges
  • Coordinates research partnerships with local universities and research institutions, Community-Based organizations, Non-Government Organizations, UN Agencies, and others to advance global knowledge, learning and impact on resilience.
  • Facilitates scholarship and technical learning and insights to inform research, strategies, and national and international policies related to resilience and international development